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Berkshire GS2The Berkshire is a medium sized gas stove with a 31,000 BTU input and heating capabilities up to 1,500 square feet. This stove is ideal  for zonal heating in large areas of your home. Award winning Ember-Fyre™ burner with the realistic, highly detailed log set and embers. A beautiful open fire view showcases the fire and includes high quality, high clarity tempered glass.


Lopi AGP Pellet StoveThe Lopi AGP pellet stove offers all the benefits of wood heating plus fuel that is clean, compact and easy to use. The AGP pellet stove features a unique HRD rotary disc feed system that is designed to efficiently burn ALL GRADES of wood pellets in order to produce a quick, convenient heat. This stove is now EPA certified, producing only 0.67 grams of emissions per  hour, making it one of the cleanest burning pellet stoves in the world.


Avalon Large Flush Hybrid InsertThis large 3 cubic foot insert features clean burning Hybrid-Fyre Technology, a fusion of advanced secondary combustion with the addition of catalytic assist technology. Primary combustion burn occurs in the firebox with secondary tubes re-burning gases before they leave the firebox. Any remaining unburned gases then cycle through a catalytic combustor leaving virtually no smoke exiting the appliance. The net result is a super clean burning insert, with emissions of just .58 grams per hour.

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